SpiritCon Agenda, September 11TH & 12TH, 2021


RoomSession TitleClass DescriptionNameTimeLevelDuration
B Opening Ritual - - 9:00 am - 1 hour
B Develop Your Psychic Abilities In this class we will discuss rooting techniques to engage your natural psychic abilities. We will discuss and cover precognition (seeing and sensing the future) Intuitive skills for understanding signs and synchronicities and how to communicate with the Anima Mundi (Nature and nature spirits.) This will be half workshop and half lecture. Beto Parades 10:00 am Intermediate 1 ½ hour
C Witching Alone Not one for crowds? Prefer your own company? Prefer very custom and personal rituals and spells? Come discover the basics of Solitary Practice and get some ideas to further your own craft. Hope Gorman 10:00 am Beginner 1 ½ hour
E Astrology A beginner's course on the practical applications of astrology. How to tailor astrological studies to your individual experience. An interactive discussion on how to use your personal expertise to discover your unique strengths as an astrology student, practitioner, and community member. Remi 10:00 am Beginner 1 ½ hour
F How to Start a Pagan/Spiritual Life This is a class to learn a little about a lot. We will touch on uses and methods of crystals, herbs, and oils, briefly touch on pantheons, gods, goddesses, altars, spells, and more. This is a class great for all beginners. Jessi Lucero 10:00 am Beginner 1 ½ hour
G 8 Limbs of Yoga After being in the medical field for 15 years, God knocked me down with a stroke. He got my attention quickly and I pursued Yoga. In seeing how much it changed my life, I decided to become a teacher. Phillip’s Retreat is not just about yoga. It’s all about healing. Promoting Hope In Learning Loving Inspiring People’s Souls is my motto. Tina McAlister 10:00 am Beginner 1 ½ hour
Zephyr Meditation Meditation comes in many ways, shapes, and forms. Join Master Ric as he guides us through the moving methods of meditation including: Tai Chi, occupational meditation, and everyday movements meditation. You will be moving in this class. Ric Womble 10:00 am Beginner 1 ½ hour
B Akashic Records & Past Lives An Introduction to the Akashic Records and what they are. Why we should look into past lives and how this benefits us and others. How to prepare to go into the Akashic Records. Intent & what to look for. Closing/ending an Akashic Record journey. What you can do with the information from the journey, including healing trauma and resolving karma. A guided experience into your own Akashic Records. Ashley Sorenson 12:00 pm Beginner 1 ½ hour
C Magical Correspondences Magical Correspondences is the exploration of connections between mundane and magical things for many varied uses, from spell creation and ritual components, to incense blends and magical teas. However, correspondences are personal. As an example: not all of us associate the East with Air, and thusly, a piece of your personalized magic is born. Jessi Lucero 12:00 pm Beginner 1 ½ hour
E Runes Come explore the magic of the Elder Futhark Runes! Learn the lore and the uses. Hope Gorman 12:00 pm Beginner 1 ½ hour
F Supporting Your Magical/Spiritual Spouse - Round Table Discussion 12:00 pm - 1 ½ hour
G Crystal Grids *How to use them *How to have fun with them *How to charge other items with them *What all can grids be used for *Science behind different grids. *Learn how to do a few layouts. *How to activate and put your intentions into the grids to activate the universal energy to help you set goals. *We will go over the different methods of cleaning or clearing the crystalsalso. Kalyn Womble 12:00 pm Beginner 1 ½ hour
Zephyr Energy Medicine and Self-Healing Beto Paredes is a Certified Energy healer in the arts of Shiatsu, hands on healing and other modalities. Come learn how to experience and move energy to heal your body, mind, and soul. We will discuss healing meditations and the light field within the human body. This will be both lecture and workshop so we will get you started before you leave class! Beto Paredes 12:00 pm Advanced 1 ½ hour
Lunch 1:30 pm – 3:00 pm
RoomSession TitleClass DescriptionNameTimeLevelDuration
B Casting Circles Are you a newb? Have you only seen circle casting in books, and did they strike you as rather long, drawn-out, and intimidating? Well, in this class we will not only discuss how to perform a circle casting, but we will actually cast a circle; with lots o explanation and breaks for questions to be answered. We will go through typical and creative supplies, pre-ritual purification, grounding and centering, invocations and many various techniques. You will leave this class confident and ready to cast. Carlee Nowling 3:00 pm Beginner 1 ½ hour
C The Goddess Shakti and Kundalini Yoga In this class we will discuss the Hindu goddess Shakti and the practice of Kundalini Yoga. Shakti worship is a great companion to other goddess practices and will open you to the energies of the Kundalini awakening. We will be discussing the 7 chakras, some basis for meditation and how to invite Shakti energy into your practice. Beto Parades 3:00 pm Intermediate 1 ½ hour
E Moon Magick Do you know your waxing from your waning? When to release and when to charge? Join me for an informative class on a popular and powerful source for Magick! Hope Gorman 3:00 pm Beginner 1 ½ hour
F Quan Yin Quan Yin in Chinese history and culture as well as her utilization in contemporary pagan practices. In this panel, we will facilitate a discussion about the Chinese Goddess Quan Yin. We will discuss her place in Chinese history and where she fits in as part of contemporary Chinese culture. The way Quan Yin is invoked in current pagan practices will also be discussed as she is a familiar symbol used by pagans to connect with the feminine divine. Dr. Greg Lewis & Stan Slater 3:00 pm Beginner 1 ½ hour
G The Creation: Our Journey from Demon to Humans Have you ever wondered who and what you were before you were you? This class will explore the possibilities that we were once the things we were taught to fear the most by legends, myths, and religion. A timeline for our human brains of when we came into this current universe and what we may have been doing here. We will explore the idea of how and when “twin flames” were created and what they became. We will consider how we lived as vibrational beings and why. We will look at how mythological water and land creature were created. A conversation about the time of the universe when the Greek, Roman, Egyptian, Norse and other Gods were existing. And finally, we will talk about our animal spirits and the existence of the spirit stuck in the current human being’s physical body. From Demons to Humans our souls have been separated and we can be whole again. Heidi Rollins 3:00 pm Beginner 1 ½ hour
Zephyr Divination - Round Table Discussion 3:00 pm Beginner 1 ½ hour
B Asatru Blot In this class we will cover the three practices of Asatru. Galdr which uses runes, for healing, writing and magical works, Seidr which is shamanic practice, used to gain knowledge, and Troth used in all community rituals. Kelly Richan 5:00 pm Beginner 1 ½ hour
C Sigils – Creating Your Magical Symbol Come learn how to make, use, and empower your own magickal symbols with a variety of methods. This is a great method for creating your own spells as well as how to dive into your own magick. This is a tool for all, and the class is such that anyone could learn whether beginner or advanced in using magick. Jessi Lucero 5:00 pm Beginner 1 ½ hour
E Tarot Divination Workshop This will be quite an active workshop on Tarot divination! Discover the intuitive nature of working with the cards and bring your decks! This will be on the Tarot traditionally practiced, so bring a Tarot deck and not an Oracle deck. If you do not have one, I will have several at the class that you can work with. We will also talk about a few of the secret alchemies found within the greater Archana to enrich your divination experience. Beto Parades 5:00 pm Beginner 1 ½ hour
F Consciousness Mapping The process of Consciousness Mapping helps you to understand on a deep level why you make the decisions you do, uncover the roots of your “triggers,” and helps you shift to a powerful, aligned state of being. Develop and nurture your personal experience by connecting to your authentic truth and purpose. Healing, and overcoming limiting beliefs are mindfully conscious practices that will align you positively with your soul’s deepest desires. In this class you will: - Learn how life events create a map for how you act, be, and do in life. - Identify how the unspoken dynamics of your relationships affect your ability to live authentically. - Develop personal strategies for mindfulness and how to apply them. Lisa Karasek 5:00 pm Beginner 1 ½ hour
G Candle Magick One of the most basic forms of magic, candles have been used for centuries for all manner of supernatural purposes. In this class, you will get a taste of what candle magic really is, where it all started, find out what those flame omens are telling you, learn some tips and tricks for how to make the most out of candle magic in your practice, and even get a chance to make your very own magic candle. Leandra Southwinds 5:00 pm Beginner 1 ½ hour
Zephyr Putting the Sacred Back in Sexuality Master Ric has spent over a decade in the Realms of Sex education and Sacred Sexuality. Come join him as he walks you through the union of the sacred feminine and sacred masculine. A very rare interpretation of sacred when it comes to sexuality that Master Ric has taught privately and it is returning by popular demand for this conference. There will be material of an adult nature and would not be a good setting for children. Ric Womble 5:00 pm Beginner 1 ½ hour
B SpiritCon Sociable Come one, come all, no ticket necessary. After classes, we will have a social gathering for everyone to meet, discuss, make new friends, and enjoy some fun icebreakers with Pagan and Spiritual twists! - 7:00 pm - -


RoomSession TitleClass DescriptionNameTimeLevelDuration
B Spiritual Paths FAQ - Round Table Discussion 10:00 am Beginner 1 ½ hour
C Ogham Learn about the history of the Ogham Alphabet and how to use it in a modern practice. We will discuss what historians and archeologists know about the Ogham alphabet as well as its use modernly as a “Language of Trees” and as a lunar calendar. Carlee Nowling 10:00 am Beginner 1 ½ hour
E Shadow Work Shadow work is an important part of a spiritual life, not only the psychological perspective of it but the spiritual and emotional side that comprehends the energy behind the shadow self. In this class we will address not only what it is but also how to do the work. Learn about your archetypes but also the energy that is carried within them, within you and how they connect to your consciousness. Vlad Orfeo 10:00 am Beginner 1 ½ hour
F Voodou Come learn about Sanse and Mesa Blanca from the Puerto Rican Vodou tradition from a "Presidente de la Mesa" in Puerto Rican spiritism. This class will include a lecture and a couple of spells afterwards. Malik Dayo 10:00 am Beginner 1 ½ hour
G Yoga Magick Yoga Majick with Donna Rhead Bring your own mat, a blanket and whatever props you'll need. Donna Rhead 10:00 am Beginner 1 ½ hour
Zephyr Yin & Yang Join us to learn the principles and magical power of Yin and Yang. Dr. Doug Lucero will lead a discussion on the principles of living a balanced lifestyle in this modern age. Bring questions and anticipate living a balance and centered life in a refreshed way. Dr. Doug Lucero 10:00 am Beginner 1 ½ hour
B Tai Chi For Life Tai Chi is dedicated to the health and wellness and the body, mind, and spiritual connection. With easy movements to follow and no strain, this is a physical practice for all ages and levels. Elizabeth Chan 12:00 pm Beginner 1 ½ hour
C Daily Self-Care Practices In this class, we will learn about ways to do small things to conquer the small daily energetic happenings to avoid needing more frequent healings and cleansings. That’s not to say never need another healing or cleansing but find a happier place energetically for your day to day. Jessi Lucero 12:00 pm Beginner 1 ½ hour
E Shapeshift During this workshop guests will gain an understanding of how working with animals as guides/teachers/messengers has been an ancient practice. Myths and Legends of ancient Gods and Goddesses will be shared to convey their essence as one with particular animals. Towards the end guests will go on a trance meditative journey to active connection with “anima” and dive fully into energetic shape shifting. Afterwards there will be a discussion on ways to further enhance your solitary practice and utilize the connection made with the animal that you shifted with. Gypsy Cottam 12:00 pm Beginner 1 ½ hour
F Chaos Magick Nothing is true, everything is permitted. (No objective truth, anything is possible) Belief is a magical tool that can be altered at will. What is Chaos Magick? What are some common practices? What are Sigils? What is a Paradigm shift? What are servitors? What is Invocation? What is the Psychic Censor? Come to the class and find out. Michael Sandman 12:00 pm Beginner 1 ½ hour
G Finding Fifty Two In this class we will discuss what self-care actually is and how you can incorporate it into your weekly schedule. I created the #FindingFiftyTwoChallenge to help people find ONE hour every week and dedicate it to self-care. One hour, once a week, for 52 weeks equals one year of Self-Care. I discuss the ins and outs of self-care and how a weekly focus can help you be more mindful of what you do for yourself. We will also go into why Self-Care matters, some great options for self-care from free to minimal cost every week and why you should NEVER feel guilty about taking care of yourself. I will have handouts available for everyone in class! Amy Graham 12:00 pm Beginner 1 ½ hour
Zephyr Not “Who” is the Goddess, but “What” is she? (Transcendent Pagan) Lending from some of our oldest concepts through to the breakthroughs in Modern Physics we discuss the Goddess. We discuss why Goddess as Primary is a much more powerful direction for engaging Magick. We will cover ideas found in Ancient Witchcraft, Thelema, Philosophy, Depth Psychology, and the Mythical Narratives from across the globe. Beto Paredes 12:00 pm Advanced 1 ½ hour
Lunch 1:30 pm – 3:00 pm
RoomSession TitleClass DescriptionNameTimeLevelDuration
B Entities - Round Table Discussion 3:00 pm Beginner 1 ½ hour
C The Pagan Mythic and Modern Practice Ever wonder what science and psychology may have to say about the communion with gods/goddesses, spirits, and the practice of Paganism? Come learn about the surprising philosophy and science that reinforces your Pagan practices. From quantum mechanics to depth psychology, we will learn why a polytheistic outlook is an advanced and meaningful way to thrive in the world. Beto Parades 3:00 pm Beginner 1 ½ hour
E Spell Creation Have you ever tried to write a spell of my own? Have you sat down with paper and pencil with some vague idea of what you wanted to do? But due to lack of knowledge you finally gave up. In this class we will explore how to word your spell and why words may be of more importance than the ingredients themselves. We will look at how your kitchen or outside your door is a vast playground of spell ingredients. Hope-Thompson Gorman 3:00 pm Beginner 1 ½ hour
F Qabalah Qabala is a system of mysticism with its roots in Judaism. It’s been described as a symbolic representation of the connection between humans and the divine – or more simply, as a file cabinet for the universe. While not a religion in and of itself, the symbols and archetypes found in Qabala are common to many religions around the world. Part One begins to look at the Tree of Life (Otz Chaim), the primary glyph of the Qaballistic system. We will discuss the meanings of the ten spheres (Sephiroth) on the Tree, and also touch on how Qabala relates to present-day scientific creation theory. [A short break will follow.] In Part Two, we will discuss some of the paths between the spheres on the Tree of Life, and how they represent different stages of human spiritual evolution. We will also look briefly at how the Tree functions within the Four Worlds of Manifestation. Karen DePolito 3:00 pm Intermediate 3 hours
G Magical Homemade Medicine Join me on a culinary adventure into magical homemade recipes for medicine. I will be discussing USP chapter 795, sharing magical lore, and offering information on botanical, homeopathic, and the pharmaceutical benefits of your kitchen. I am covering three different therapeutic classes that will be helpful all year round instead of just seasonal ailments. We will enjoy some lavender lemonade, while making cough drops, compresses, and creams. We will explore different dosage forms, find practical magical remedies, and walk away with solutions for year-round ailments and accidents. Grab your mortar and pestle, your wax paper and your curiosity, and join me for Magical Medicine made at Home. Gypsyrose Page 3:00 pm Beginner 3 hours
Zephyr Empathy Have you heard that empaths are all introverts? Are emotional wrecks? Constantly bombarded with the thoughts and emotions of others? Come with Master Ric on a journey of discovering the joys and not just the downfalls of being empathic. Learn to use your empathic gifts and not be used by them. Discover the ways of the mentored empaths. Ric Womble 3:00 pm Beginner 1 ½ hour
B Ritual Practice Class - Round Table Discussion 5:00 pm - 1 ½ hour
C Golden Breath Chi Gung Chi Gung is a Chinese method of developing, controlling, and sharing the life force energy that flows through all of us, and all living things. Being in touch with this energy enhances your spiritual life, your health, and helps balance your body, mind, and spirit. Using simple movements and meditations, Chi Gung will bring balance and will improve your everyday life. Dr. Doug Lucero 5:00 pm Beginner 1 ½ hour
E The Left Hand Path The left-hand path focuses on the strength and will of the practitioner. It downplays the need for intercession by any high power although some may believe that a higher power exists. They embrace sexuality and incorporate it into ceremonial magic. They question religious or moral dogma, instead adhering to forms of personal anarchism. They often reject societal convention and the status quo, which some suggest is in a search for spiritual freedom. As a part of this, left-hand path adherents embrace magical techniques that would traditionally be viewed as taboo, for instance using sex magic or embracing satanic imagery. Michael Sandman 5:00 pm Intermediate 1 ½ hour
Zephyr Deepening Intimacy If you attended the class “Bringing Sacred Back to Sexuality” or you just think that you could use a deeper sense of intimacy in your relationships, you do not want to miss this class. Like the sacred sexuality class last year this has been a decade in the works and is now being taught for the first time publicly. While the things learned could be applied to all our relationships the material in this class is of an adult nature and may not be suitable for younger participants. Ric Womble 5:00 pm Intermediate 1 ½ hour
G Angels & Angel Lore Learn about the four main primary functions of angels. Which angels you call on for the intention you are putting forth. Common misconceptions about angels. Do angels have bodies? Do angels die? Angel lore from around the world, and more. Sarah Cooke 5:00 pm Beginner 1 ½ hour

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